A Pale Insurrection

Originally posted on Tony Robert Cochran:
T’was marching white lines of code, from Individual-1’s fading white abode, from whence, white they, or white them, or white it, came striding cross green grass, waves, bottles of blistering white fear, white hatred, pale malcontents bestrode, breaching democracy’s neoclassical rationalism, a white building & coequal branch, trees–Joshua trees,…


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Anarchist Prisoner, Mónica Caballero, Launches Hunger Strike in the San Miguel Prison

Originally posted on Wessex Solidarity:
La Zarzamora. Amidst widespread mobilizations inside Chilean prisons for the restitution of dignified visits for prisoners, and 10 years since the massacre in the San Miguel Prison, Mónica Caballero, together with two other prisoners from the “Connotación Publica” module, have begun a hunger strike, uniting with the hunger strike already…

Desert Wounds

Originally posted on The Light is On:
Salt on skin bare to the sun burns like that high fire flowing through canals from scar to scar strange constellations etched in living skin a mythology of flesh and blood defiant to the sun and wind and desert sand New scars and a story yet to be…