Anarchist Prisoner, Mónica Caballero, Launches Hunger Strike in the San Miguel Prison

Wessex Solidarity

La Zarzamora.

Amidst widespread mobilizations inside Chilean prisons for the restitution of dignified visits for prisoners, and 10 years since the massacre in the San Miguel Prison, Mónica Caballero, together with two other prisoners from the “Connotación Publica” module, have begun a hunger strike, uniting with the hunger strike already launched in the high-security prison.

Below we share the communique from Mónica, who provides a historical recollection of the different events of resistance and struggle that have marked this prison:

Ten Years Since the Massacre in the San Miguel Prison: Memory and History of Struggle

Without doubt, there are places which store thousands of histories. If the high walls of the prisons could speak of the experiences of those who were (and are) locked up behind them, perhaps they would tell us many histories. They would tell us histories where poor people would be the protagonists, or perhaps they…

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