The Shattered Series: Chapters 1-10, Book One

Tony Robert Cochran

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 19.17.36 Anselm Kiefer, The Orders of the Night (Die Orden der Nacht), 1996, emulsion, acrylic, and shellac on canvas, 140 ⅜ × 182 ⅜ inches (356 × 463 cm). Photo: © Seattle Art Museum

Shattered. Forgetful. Forgot. Ten years, one month.

What’s in a calamity? – he mused. Rejecting himself, he recoiled from the runners, with their uniform slick, tight silver training outfits. Monochromatic, that’s a part of the calamity – maybe he thought. He pulled a pack of cards out of his pocket. The old pocket had a small hole at the bottom – too small for anything but some antique coins he’d found as a child. A bit of spare change. Several coins fell into the inner lining, occasionally moved from the sides to the back of the coat, making themselves known to his posterior when he sat down. The light, woolen trench coat came to just below his…

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