So, what? Prison, pedophiles & getting personal.

Tony Robert Cochran

Tony Robert Cochran

I have a primary defense mechanism; I intellectualize almost everything distressing. Capturing data, historical analyses, socioeconomic and psycho-dynamic inter-personal contexts, cataloging, indexing, keeping what art critic Rosalind Krauss calls a Perpetual Inventory, I am often removed. Most of the articles I have written here are about about other people. Even the more intimate pieces reveal a need to elude bare nakedness. I cannot be fully naked; in other words, I cannot be fully transparent on every level because that would be quite literally impossible. It would require a complete merging of all of “me” with all of “you”–the reader. Yet, an approximation of myself can be presented. And the signs are often so clear that one does not need a hypothetical dissolution of selves into a unified-consciousness.

In my book, Prison As Power: Being & State Contra Negativity & Notion, I wrote about my experiences as a prisoner…

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