Mayowa Nwadike: An Artist Always

Tony Robert Cochran

Mayowa Nwadike (b. 1998) manifests and embodies hybridization, globalization and transmigration of ideas through his stunning use of chiaroscuro and visually chimeric juxtapositions fixed in an always present past that, literally, faces a future. Nwadike is a Nigerian-born and based artist, and while his work is fixed in a place, a nation, a time of crisis, it also transcends the borders of nation, Continent and time. Nigeria is a place of great disparities, and the art world is made up of what Nwadike calls, “Gods and nobodies.” There is very little middle ground, institutional support is lacking, and often families, who are struggling with a very precarious present and future, discourage their children from pursuing the arts. Despite having his work, which he had hidden, burnt by his mother at an early age, Nwadike’s tenacious love of art, his technical skills and broad imagination combined to overcome familial, cultural and…

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