Shattered, XXVII

Tony Robert Cochran

Shattered time. Shattered, time. “Shattered, time to wake up, darlin’!” His eyes opened slowly, he felt so exhausted. He felt Shattered. Again. Mar stood over him. They were in her small cabin. The light coming through the windows illuminated Mar’s face; it was old, weathered, lined; her youthfulness had retreated to its place in past. The smell of Sequoia’s fur mixed with coffee, dust and wood rot. Shattered got up from his small mattress in the corner of the main room. Mar sat in her rocking chair. “Well, darlin’ ain’t you going to at least have a cup of coffee with me before you head out?”

“Head out where? What happened to William?”


“Dr Olanrewaju!” Shattered shouted his name. He began to shake. He looked at his body. He wore the old woolen trench coat. He smelt potently of sweat, bacteria, fungi and hormones. His skin felt rougher…

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