Shattered, XVIII

“I am genderless. Kyoto is fine.”

“Genderless, that’s fascinating, in Park we have people who are transgender, and they often come to Marin, to here, for…”

“I know, I am not transgender. I am Kyoto. I have no gender. My people, well, one of my parental units’ people, do not have genders. The genes of that parental unit, what you would call father, for my mother is from here, are dominant.”

Tony Robert Cochran

The ground. So distant. Moved slowly to the eye. But Brook knew better. He felt the gel around his body. He felt subtle sensations in his body. A tingling in his back. A pain, near the left top side of his head; he had never noticed this dull pain until it had left. Shooting down into the giant Central Nexus, through a small opening on the side of a grassy knoll; Knowledge awoke. Although being in separate pods, Brook could speak to her. They were head down, dropping, dropping into darkness, then through a layer of goo. Lights, purple, lavender, blue. Pods of different sizes, transparent and silver and black, egg-shaped, spherical, some as small as body-fitting, some as large as cabins, flew in every direction. In and out of what looked like, to Brook and Kenya, glassy tubes, or just through dark spots on the caverns many layered walls…

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