Exorcism of a decade

Tony Robert Cochran

2010, fell into madness again, again, twice again walking Sunset Boulevard with one shoe on one foot, the other naked, veins of red wine, stumbled and tumbled towards

2011, fell into a search for heaven trying to remember to forget that I forgot to remember half of two-thousand and ten. Where was I again? under what mental bridge, out of what real hotel did I get kicked out of for smoking inside, fucking with the door open and pissing in the sink? flopped and dropped into Black Bear Ranch, communed with the Specter of late 1960s and its admixture, over the decades it had been through, of sensibilities of delusional refuge and practical subterfuge, Occupied Wall Street and marched with barefoot Appalachian teenagers past millionaires in tailored suits,

2012, fell into a search for help, and found love for the first time in my life, Inverness, Loch Ness, the honeymoon…

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