He Dreamt.

Tony Robert Cochran

He Dreamt                                                                                                                                             Of a world                                                                Where Every Catholic Church large enough had an abortion clinic, and the priests would be present, quietly, instructed to make no sounds nor judgements, and the patients, if they chose to, could gain both the necessary medical treatment, and obtain confession, or they could simply do the first, freely, and walk out with a fifty-dollar bill and pack of vegan chocolates, and the priests, if they were believers, could douse the medical waist in holy water, silently, in some corner shrouded away from every living thing

He Dreamt                                                                                                                                             Of a world                                                                Where Procreation was discouraged, and Immigration encouraged; nations with ageing populations would be open to vast influxes of people from nations with growing…

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