The (Philoaesthetic) Practice of Concept Synthesis, I

Tony Robert Cochran

Not fitting into any currently existing institutional or symbolic structure, I need/ed to develop somewhere to hang my proverbial hat, and, perhaps more importantly, design and make my own hat. The phrase “putting on different hats” refers to various roles we take on — mother, teacher, scientist, artist, programmer, activist, etc. — yet there is no current role formation that describes what I actuate, namely the eclectic yet (almost unconsciously) semi-structured looping, weaving, of varied disciplines via expatiation, analysis, and the deriving of personal narratives for philoaesthetic investigations, namely the combination of traditional philosophical methods with aesthetics in a broad, Kantian, sense. Senses themselves alongside the representations created by sense interactions with immanent planes of presentation refers to the process and receptivity via mediation of the body, the logical locus of all aesthetics. I examine, yes, but I do more; I synthesize, or dynamically allow citations, references, memories, interviews, exhibitions…

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